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SPSS Ships Trial Run Design of Experiment Software

Trial Run, a new design of experiment (DOE) package from SPSS Inc., increases research effectiveness for analysts in quality manufacturing, market research and science. With 41 different design types, Trial Run offers more than any other DOE software package. Able to cover six kinds of charts, Trial Run supplies a wide range of statistical results. Trial Run is now shipping in North America.

A comprehensive experimental design and analysis software package for Windows 95, Trial Run gives users the power to examine their current process, study all the factors involved and determine the best settings for the process. After identifying the goals of the experiment, users can quickly get started by using Trial Run's extensive Design Coach, which guides them in selecting the appropriate experimental design to choose. Trial Run then generates the experimental trials that should be conducted, and automatically sets up the appropriate in-depth analysis of the results of the experimental trials.

"With Trial Run software, all levels of analysts can get accurate and efficient results, " said SPSS President and CEO Jack Noonan. "Features like the online help menu and Design Coach help users with less experience find the best way to analyze their process. In addition, a comprehensive selection of design methods saves advanced users time and money."

After the user conducts the experiments and collects the response data, Trial Run helps them understand and improve their processes by determining which factors are the important process drivers in a study. Trial Run shows how each factor affects the experiment's outcome by creating a General Linear Model analysis appropriate for the design that was selected. After examining this analysis, users can gain insight into their process by interacting with statistical and graphical results.

Trial Run is the only DOE software package to offer organizational tools for completed work. It provides a single project folder that will hold multiple designs, unlike other DOE software that holds just one design per folder. Since a researcher typically uses multiple designs to reach his or her conclusion, Trial Run's single folder gives the user quick access to data from any experimental trials. Trial Run's Viewer will also easily export tables and charts to word processors and other application software.

Trial Run design and analysis of experiments is used primarily in manufacturing and scientific research. It also has some applications in market research for new product development. The software can be used in the screening process, to help users discover the important few factors among the many other irrelevant factors in the data. After screening, a researcher may use Trial Run for various other activities, including:

  • process understanding -- shows how each factor affects the response
  • process optimization and improvement -- helps users determine what factor settings optimize the response
  • mixture formulation - shows what proportions of factors compose a good "recipe"
  • preferences - explains which product attributes are important, and what levels give rise to the preferred product

Trial Run is part of the full line of SPSS' analytical products that create a comprehensive solution for quality improvement. Users may begin by using allCLEAR, a flowcharting program, to brainstorm, map out a process and investigate ways to improve it. Using that information, Trial Run can then help users to examine the process currently in place and run experiments to ensure that the process is well-tuned. After a process is established, QI Analyst can be used to continually monitor, control and improve the process. For additional offline statistical analysis, SPSS and SYSTAT deliver full-featured sets of statistics and graphics that researchers can use to improve their process or product.

System Requirements

System requirements for Trial Run are:

  • Windows 95 or 97 or Windows NT 4.0
  • 486 processor or better
  • 16 MB RAM or better
  • SVGA monitor

Availability Information

Currently available domestically, Trial Run will ship internationally in the fourth quarter of 1997.

Company Information

SPSS Inc. is a multinational company that delivers reporting, analysis and modeling software products. The company's primary markets are marketing research, business analysis/data mining, scientific research and quality improvement analysis. The SPSS mission is to drive the widespread use of statistics.

Used throughout business, academia and government, the company's major products include: SPSS for business and general applications; NewView for analytical reporting; SYSTAT, SigmaPlot and DeltaGraph for scientific research; QI Analyst for quality improvement and statistical process control; allCLEAR for process documentation and management; and the Quantime family of products for market research.

In 1997, Forbes ranked SPSS No. 11 among the 200 Best Small Companies in America. SPSS ranked No. 73 in Business Week's Top 100 Growth Companies for 1997. The company also placed No. 23 on the 1997 Softletter 100, which ranks the top 100 personal computer software companies in the United States; and No. 93 in the 1997 Software 500, a ranking of the world's largest software vendors by Software Magazine. In 1997, SPSS' pivot table technology was added to the Smithsonian Institution's Permanent Research Collection of Information Technology. Headquartered in Chicago, SPSS has offices and a network of distributors serving countries around the world.

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