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  • Industrial Automation "Imagine 30 motorized carts moving continuously between 14 stations where sand core patterns are assembled by robots, then moved to the pouring room for aluminum casting. The control system plays traffic cop… talks to the local PLCs…and tracks all work
  • Diffuse On-Axis Lights
    Diffuse On-Axis Lights Diffuse On-Axis Lights (DOALs) from RVSI directs lights to the part along the camera viewing axis, permitting uniformity over a wider area in the field of view
  • Serial/Ethernet Converter
    Serial/Ethernet Converter The Serial/Ethernet converter comes complete with software to allow RS-232 devices
  • MC202 Motion Coordinator
    MC202 Motion Coordinator The MC202 Motion Coordinator is based on Trio's proven high performance 32-bit DSP technology
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