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  • DNCPlus Factory Automation System
    DNCPlus Factory Automation System The DNCPlus factory automation system provides fully configurable RS232 and Ethernet machine tool communication protocols
  • 36 Standard Flat Panel Monitors
    36 Standard Flat Panel Monitors The Flat Panel Monitor design is available in 36 different standard product configurations
  • Video Digitizer Module
    Video Digitizer Module The Datacell PMC/SNP-24 is a flexible, single-slot video capture solution designed for use with the range of C6000, C4x and SHARC-based DSP boards equipped with PCI Mezzanine Card compliant sites
  • GEM 80 OPC Server
    GEM 80 OPC Server The OPC server provides register and bit level access to Alstom Drives & Controls' GEM 80 series of Programmable Logic Controllers
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