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  • MC70 Handheld Mobile Computer
    MC70 Handheld Mobile Computer Put the power of a cell phone, PDA, computer, scanner and imager in the hands of your mobile workers with the first rugged enterprise digital assistant. Designed to withstand all-day everyday use in nearly any environment, this rugged compact device delivers true anywhere anytime wireless WAN/LAN/PAN voice and data communications, including superior voice functionality, data capture and the power to run nearly any application.
  • Infrared Imaging System
    Infrared Imaging System ThermoVision uncooled infrared camera is designed for online manufacturing and automated machine vision projects
  • Professional Development
    Professional Development Unleash the potential of your people and your organization with TMG's professional development tools
  • Termination Plate
    Termination Plate The Cablefix termination plate is a high-density cable termination system, featuring a single cutout replacing individual holes of other plates, and needing only two screws to hold the plate in place
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